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Welcome to the Life Wireless Compliance Portal!

Consult the User's Guide for information on editing pages and using the wiki software.

This site will serve as an internal resource to access all Life Wireless Compliance documentation provided to internal Life Wireless personnel.

This site should be used as a reference tool when questions arise or assistance is needed in the performance of day-to-day job duties as performed by the Life Wireless Compliance Support Team.

To contact the Compliance Support Team with questions, please email:

General Rules

Non-state-specific Acceptable IDs

Non-state-specific Acceptable Subsidy Proofs

Commonly Encountered UNACCEPTABLE Subsidy and ID Proofs

Acceptable Proofs of Military Service

NLAD Error Message Explanations

State ID Name Placement Order

Arizona - AZ Arkansas - AR California - CA Colorado - CO
Georgia - GA Illinois - IL Indiana - IN Iowa - IA
Kansas - KS Kentucky - KY Louisiana - LA Maine - ME
Maryland - MD Michigan - MI Minnesota - MN Missouri - MO
Nevada - NV North Dakota - ND Ohio - OH Oklahoma - OK
Pennsylvania - PA Puerto Rico - PR Rhode Island - RI South Carolina - SC
Texas - TX Utah - UT Virgin Islands - VI Washington - WA
West Virginia - WV Wisconsin- WI