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Acceptable Subsidies

The standard eligibility programs that may be used as proof of subsidy include Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/Food Stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Veteran's Pension or Survivor's Pension benefit.

State-Specific Tribal Eligibility Programs

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance (BIA)
  • Tribally Administered TANF (TTANF)
  • Head Start (meeting income qualifying standards)

See General Rules for more information.

UNACCEPTABLE Subsidy Proof Examples

Mn-not medicaid.gifMn-medica unacceptable 3.gifMn-medica unacceptable 4.gifMn-medica unacceptable.gifMn-u-care unacceptable 2.gifMn-u-care unacceptable 3.gifMn-u-care unacceptable 4.gifMn-u-care unacceptable 5.gifMn-u-care unacceptable 6.gifMn-u-care unacceptable 10.gifMn - no ucare.jpg

Acceptable Subsidy Proof Examples

Food Stamp Cards MN (EBT Card).jpgMn-ebt.gif


MIN.gifMedicaid2 proof.gif Mn-another state med.gif

  • All Minnesota Health Care Programs cards are Medicaid

MN medicad6.gifMn-med with copay.gifMn-bcbs minncare2.gif


  • Care Type: UCare MA = Medicaid

Hennepin.gif Cornerstone.gifMn-cs-mhp.gif Mn-mhp senior solutions.gif

  • Hennepin Health, MHP, and Cornerstone Solutions: “Issuer” needs to state “Metropolitan Health Plan”


  • Care Type: HealthPartners Care or HealthPartners PMAP or MA = Medicaid

Mn-mhcp2.gif Mn-itasca.gif

  • “SVC Type” needs to state “Minnesota Health Care Program”

Mn-scha med.gifMn-bcbs med advtg.pngMn-medica dual med.png

Mn-pwh med.gif

  • Care Type:MA = Medicaid

Mn-bcbs ble adv med.gif

Medica2.gifMn-new medica.gif

  • Must say "Medica Choice Care"

Medicaid Award LetterMn ma.gifMn-prepaid med.gif

Mn-med letter.gif

  • Must include "MA" as Program and Budget Month must have valid dates.

FPHA/Section 8Mn-fpha sec 8.gif

HUD-VASH (FPHA/Section 8) LetterHud3.gifHud4.gif

  • Both pages must be uploaded

Acceptable ID Examples

Mn-id.jpgMn idb.jpgMnid2.jpgMn-ojibwe.gifMn-white earth.gifMn-crow creek id.gifMn-chippewa id.gif

Important Links

File:MN - PMAP.pdf

File:MN Medicaid cards.pdf

File:Passport Card.pdf

File:UCare State Medical Assistance Programs.pdf