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Acceptable Subsidies

The standard eligibility programs that may be used as proof of subsidy include Programa Suplementario de Asistencia Nutricional, Medicaid (not Medicare), Sección 8 Asistencia Federal de Viviendas Públicas, and Pension de Veteranos o Pension para Sobrevivientes.

See General Rules for more information.

UNACCEPTABLE Subsidy Proof Examples

SNAP/Food Stamps cards (no beneficiary name listed)Prfs.gifPr-tanf2.gif

Acceptable Address Proof Examples

Voter Information Printout (government documentation source)Pr-voter info2.jpgPr-voter info address proof.gif

Acceptable Subsidy Proof Examples

SNAP Benefits Award Letter PR-SNAP.gif Pr-another pan certificate.gif

  • Date must be valid

Medicaid Cards Pr-platinob.gifSalud.gifAhm-platino.gifAnother pr platino.gifPr-ahm-platino.gifPr-pmc-platino-hmo.gifPr-mcs-mi salud2.gifPr-state med.gifPr-triple s-mi salud.gifPr-new med.pngPr-molina-med-salud.pngPr-med 1st med ases.pngPr-pmc ases med.jpgPr-mmm med ases.gifPr-vital salud molina2.gifPr-another ases med vital.gifPr-first med vital med.gifPr-mmm diamante platino.gif

Medicaid Award Letter Pr-med-letter.gifPr-med salud letter.gifFf9e081c8c3285c93dabbb0368efd08b.jpgPr-new med letter.gifPr-med letter from DHS.gifPr-new vital award letter.gifPr-vital cert of coverage.gif

Medicaid Review Letter Reforma2.gif

Pr-med verification.png

  • Must say "Medicaid"

COVID-19 Medicaid Extension Letter Pr-med 2020 letter.gif

Section 8 Pr-section 8 1.gif

Unemployment Benefits Statements Pr-unemployment.gifPr-ue.gif

  • Can be used to demonstrate low income eligibility.

Pension Statement Pr-pension.gif

  • If income is listed in addition to the pension as in this example, it must be treated as a paystub and three (3) consecutive months within the past year must be provided.

Pension de Veteranos o Pension para Sobrevivientes Pr-veteran's statement.gif

Acceptable ID Examples

Pr-Id.gifPr-Id 2.gifPr-state-id.gifPr-csp-id.gifPr-sailing-id.gifPR electoralID.pngPr-old dl.gifPr-identification.gifPr-navigation id.gifPr-new id.jpgPr-navi id.gifPr-new dl.gifPr-not real id but acceptable.gifPr-newer dl.gifPr-another voter ID.gifPr-virtual license.gif

Pr-attorney letter.gif

  • Notarized letter evidencing married last name
  • Can be uploaded with photo ID to prove married last name

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