NLAD Error Message Explanations

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DRC - In Progress: This subscriber is currently undergoing duplicate resolution processing.

  • NLAD found that the applicant is a customer of multiple Lifeline providers; nothing can be done about it.
  • NLAD should have sent a letter to those affected customers informing them that they will have to choose one provider or NLAD will choose one for them.

Validation Error: Transfers within 60 days of the previous service-initiation date are prohibited. Date eligible for transfer: MM/DD/YYYY

  • NLAD rejected the Lifeline service transfer because this customer transferred or enrolled in a new Lifeline service within the past 60 days.
  • The earliest date that the customer can request to transfer is listed.
  • If the customer undeniably wants to enroll in Life Wireless service and understands that they will lose their existing Lifeline service with their current provider after the transfer, they can call the other provider to cancel the service, then return to enroll as a customer of Life Wireless.
  • Since there is no way to know that the other service was cancelled or not BEFORE an activation attempt, when the customer returns, they may be rejected for the same reason if their current provider did not de-enroll the other service from NLAD.

Government does not accept this transfer request. We cannot enroll or transfer this customer to our service at this moment. We will contact the corresponding agency regarding this situation.

  • NLAD reported that the applicant is a current Lifeline subscriber, but when the service transfer was attempted, NLAD informs that the subscriber cannot be found.
  • NLAD claims that this should be corrected if these type of discrepancies still occur, but they must be notified each time.

According to the National Lifeline Database, applicant's service address matches the primary address of other subscriber. If the applicant lives with another independent household at the same address, please ask the applicant to certify independent economic household first.

  • Representative will need to complete an Independent Economic Household (IEH) certification first (by selecting the link "certify independent economic household" as it appears in blue text), then return to the Activation screen to reattempt the activation.

Your application is accepted with condition and subjected to government approval. Should your application be denied, you can still keep the handset and service by refilling with our Recharge PINs

  • After the line was activated, NLAD reported that there is a TPIV (Third Party Identity Verification) failure. A response is automatically generated and sent to NLAD informing them that a government-issued ID was received and reviewed. The customer's service has been activated, but may be disconnected later if NLAD rejects our claim/proof.

[nlad] service unavailable. please try again later

  • The NLAD is experiencing a temporary outage. This outage usually lasts for less than five minutes, so the order should be resubmitted after a short wait.