General Rules

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General Rules

Accept Photo Identification

  • Out of state identification if subsidy proof is in-state
  • Identification must be UNITED STATES government-issued (Federal or State) photo IDs.
    • ACCEPTABLE ID IS LIMITED TO: State Driver’s License, State ID, United States Passport, Voter ID (with photo ONLY), State Department of Corrections ID (with photo ONLY), State-Issued Weapons Permit (with photo ONLY), U.S. military ID

Subsidy Proof

  • Partial subsidy proof if necessary information to confirm name and/or subsidy account number is visible
  • A partial proof that has an expiration date but the expiration date cannot be viewed
  • A partial proof, except SNAP card, that all visible numbers match
  • All digits of a subsidy proof are required for Food Stamps/SNAP Card and Medicaid Card. Only last 4 digits of account are required for any other subsidy proof.
  • Hard to read but complete document scanned; If the numbers you can read are correct.
  • The proof is addressed to the applicant and the applicant appears to be the parent/guardian of the

minors covered under subsidy.